ever fall in love with someone you shouldn't fall in love with?


you can say "light blue" or "light green" but doesn't it feel weird when you say "light red?"

i move that we create new words for colors that you normally would just use "light" to describe them. for something to do.


yeah you would get jealous, wouldn't you? :) sigur ros. i am experiencing my first listen of this band right now. yes. i am probably a bit late but i kind of enjoy that w/ bands that are, infact, great, and that many many many people love, but they hype, it really can turn me off to things that i probably would normally like. i think i just hate the idea of being told what to like, directly or indirectly, often from very well-meaning persons. congrats to my dad for instilling that in me i do believe. wow. i love this way too much already. never again shall i wash this sweater w/ powdered detergent. eesh. nasty granuals all over it. that'll teach me for trying to be all environmentally thoughtful and get the powdered stuff that comes in a cardboard container. at least for when i wash my sweater.