ever fall in love with someone you shouldn't fall in love with?


When you're left with nothing but the hood of a space van to look at, it stares right back at you. Why? Because Wally World is the new Exploding Plastic Inevitable, that is why. Countless manifestations of the same goo, like the universe if you trade plastic for God. You see, no one knows the chap quite like I do, never could. I push her buttons, rip his tickets, lick her sweet currency all day, praise be. No one ever made a convincing argument for any un-God, just worship of linguistics. But plastic is of true importance. Every fucking time the electrical current shoots from the fire to the wire to the green light, it continues its journey through your skull to the firing synapses in your brain to the gut to the foot to the electrical system of your 2004 Dodger Deathbed. And you wonder why she loves you so much. She tickles your true electricity, and, as by now you should know, nothing is separate from her.