ever fall in love with someone you shouldn't fall in love with?


Well, I think we're finally stable now... I kept editing my template at the library where it was subsequently deleted (the entire page... twice); luckily it saved the archives, which showcase the extreme moodiness and slow, uneven evolution to where we are right now - nowhere.

As for the aforementioned essays, they will be posted when I return from Minnesota around the new year, probably on my Toxic Metropolis blog. They came at a funny time: the few days of desperately clinging to my idols before completely letting go of them. Although I abandoned reconciling myself with Christianity a while ago, I still hoped to reconcile with Jesus, or the ideas about him I still had faith in. But the idol of the Christ image was severely stunting my spiritual growth; I realized most worship an uncrucified Christ instead of the living God. We should busy ourselves worshipping the Christ in all of us, not some antiquated idol from ancient days. Anyway, I'm taking some time to empty myself of me and see what finds its way inside; emptiness is usually where I find God.


i like kitties.

you should go to

neither of my cats probably hate you, and i really doubt any of these cats will hate you, either, unless you are a hateful person. then beware.

uh-oh... essays coming soon, beware, they're religious...