ever fall in love with someone you shouldn't fall in love with?


shellac at the end two nights ago... mmmmm... if you buy the vinyl of their second album, they give you a copy of the album on cd inside, just to show how cheap and disposable cd's are... beautiful... metal guitar picks... il porno star...


i want to grow stuff. so. you get to read about the things that seem interesting to me.

for climbers you have the following that spark my interest...
climbing aster
yellow winter jasmine
maypop passion flower
yellow-net honeysuckle

that's all for now since i don't care to learn any more latin plant names at 1230am.


to celebrate this blog's 100th post, i'd like to say... this blog sucks. well, not really, but... i've been so lazy in updating it that most of the books and movies i recommend i don't even remember, most of the indie bands are super-famous, and most of the other sites are just pompous assholes with jaded worldviews (i.e., a majority of common dreams contributors, eek...). i'll overhaul it sometime soon...

still accepting donations to finance the next falsetto clergy record. contributions to date: $0. copies of last record actually paid for by human beings other than myself: 1. stardom is such sweet sorrow... but i'm not sad; i'm happy cuz i'm fericito.


last night i got to talk to my dad and find out that my aunt died. about 5-7 days ago. i think a heart attack? she had not been doing well for awhile now anyway. i think the last time i talked to her was maybe 1997? never thought about how long it had been. she lived in AZ. with my uncle. who was found a few days ago in the house on the floor, probably from a stroke, possibly had been laying there for up to two days. in AZ. fairly dehydrated. and so its just kind of strange. it is family. that i have not talked to for quite awhile. not because of bad blood or anything. just hadn't talked to for whatever basic generic reasons (distance, didn't make time, not that much in common compared to other people i know, etc.)
on saturday i was looking at a stuffed bear that i have had since who knows when, and i realized that it looked like it was probably homemade. i have had this scruffy bear that i love (and gave a haircut to when i was much younger cause i thought he needed it) for probably about 25 years and just now realized that. so i talked to my mom and asked her who made it? she couldn't remember, but believes it was made by my aunt from AZ, the one who just died. just kind of weird to me.