ever fall in love with someone you shouldn't fall in love with?


poke out your eyes; replace mine to see what i'm seeing.
if a mouse were also a mousetrap, he'd be a human being.


i get so confused by who would make all this. everybody says "join our religion, get to heaven." i say no thanks, why bless my soul? i'm already there.


i had a lovely "dream" a couple of nights ago that an alien was standing at the doorway of the room i was sleeping in. but i only saw the end two feet of the gun-type thing he was holding. but i knew it was an alien holding the gun although i did not see him. the next day i found three small scabby dots behind my right ear in a straight line measuring about a half an inch. i hope that the alien was a non-existant buddhist and my dream really did not happen.

im going to go home now and plant tulips too late.