ever fall in love with someone you shouldn't fall in love with?


after an hour and a half of tuning different snares, i forgot i played bass. 0 songs down, mics positioned, ready to reluctantly rock. we'll stroll the fire off the casual street.

simultaneously preparing falsetto clergy lp. first song is about steely dan & classic rock radio.

found a tibetan buddhist group in nashvegas to study with. two brothers exiled from tibet in 1960 with their father; one speaks original tibetan, the other translates in english. visit them here...


can't wait. recording new smartest monkeys record this weekend. perhaps the zazen practice will affect my playing, i can see it affecting my rhythm & concentration already. i think enlightenment is a stupid word. i wish buddhists would stop using it.

i'm super excited to record the next falsetto clergy record. i think it shall be "phoenix the squirrel lp" or perhaps "pissed & distant lp." that last one sounds better as an ep. a rawk ep.

e-mail me if you hate me, we will reconcile.


...and i return as well (as promised).

nothing to say really, politics became exhausting, music is grand. check out my new project, falsetto clergy, and stay tuned.

p.s. wow, my last post was in july...