ever fall in love with someone you shouldn't fall in love with?


ah. finally. i am back.
(and maybe people will come??)

anyway. recent minor obsession with bob dylan (musically, of course) which is kinda ironic since i think it would have been more beneficial to have had BEFORE i went to see him live... but its all good... better late than never.

went to the tell us the truth tour with steven on friday... and i must say... tom morello is quite the musical crush now... how could he not be??? played for RATM, (we'll ignore the audioslave mistake), played classical guitar, threw in a "na-na" here and there, had a couple things that resembled johnny cash (vocally and visually)... how could i not??
but the point of the tour is quite good. against stuff like media consolidation (something i wish i had been aware of sooner than just this past year) as well as the FTAA... if you arent sure what those things are... PLEASE go to the site and there are quick happy little links to help you understand better... trust me, its much more worth knowing than whether or not britney spears will take playboy up on their offer...