ever fall in love with someone you shouldn't fall in love with?


For a while, I was starting to get linked to by many political blogs, and being cited as a source for much information that the progressive community was unaware of. But what's funny to me is that many of these sites have erased my blog from their links column (yes, I do like to check on these things) simply because the content is inconsistent.

I started this blog as a focused vehicle for peace, right around the start of the Gulf War sequel. It was a humble gathering of MLK quotes, assorted wisdom, and rants. It then evolved into a filtered news site, usually me perusing every news source available to me and picking three choices for the day's most striking stories, or those most fit for discussion. This dampening attitude was juxtaposed quite tastefully by Jessica's lighthearted observations and queries, a style which I am now very fond of. You know, actually sounding like a human rather than one big angry sea.

The point is, by mixing important, discussable content with random thoughts, a complete stranger can get a surprisingly honest insight as to what goes on inside my head every day. I myself am fascinated by the thought of being able to know someone that I normally could never know, but it seems that most would rather know information than people. Welcome to The Modern Age. I think it's better that I don't have so many sites that link to me.

That said, I am hoping to add a new dimension to this site showcasing the beauty and joy that I've found in the indie rock scene, and my faith in my favorite bands that no one will ever hear.


If the kids love Sunny D so much, why is it always in the back of the fridge, behind the grape stuff, the orange stuff, and the cola? The only explanation is that the parents drink cola and set it in front of the Drink of the Century, setting a terrible example for their children. So ultimately, drinking Sunny Delight is a sign of rebellion, anarchy.

despite the horror i experienced at the movies yesturday, i also found something wonderful

a dread (for more dread info, go here)

(i believe my mother would be mortified)
its not huge and it hasnt had that much time to "grow"... but its there :)
now i gotta think up a name...

today i experienced something horrible
i went to a movie and you know, i am used to previews... although i hate them... im at least used to them... but for some reason, some idiot realized that they could insert commercials before the previews... horrid long commercials... not just for tropical sprite remix (which is a horrid horrid creation) but also joe boxer at k-mart and some hair care product... it was horrible! have i just not went to movies for awhile? is this normal? has this been normal for awhile?


Coca-Cola is in trouble in India. Communities have been fighting the multinational for depleting the groundwater and contaminating what's left. Coca-Cola's global website carries their position on the issue and claims that the "local communities have welcomed our business as a good corporate neighbor." Way to cover your ass, Coke, but this doesn't sound like a small group of protesting extremists, this sounds like an anguished community tired of being pushed around and polluted by a corporate whore. You should see the ads they have over there, ridiculous; Maybe this will help Coke understand that misleading people (worse than America is mislead) is immoral at best and... wait a minute, how can they understand? I apologize for humanizing an inanimate concubine.


I have always thought that Europe was somewhat liberal... and according to the shrubbery talked about in this article, I believe my suspicions have been confirmed to be correct... at least partially???


My kitty is super.
I feel bad for her when she kneads her paws into my blue blanket.
I feel bad that she treats it like her mama and she acts like a brand new kitten.
When she curls up next to me, I know she is being as sweet as she can be.
My kitty is super.

Members of the First United Unitarian Church of Poultry are boycotting KFC after they gave up on fighting war, death, famine, and other less important causes. Jason Alexander tried to call and comment, but I didn't accept the charges.


It is nice to know that at least *someone* is willing to openly admit why they REALLY want to stick their nose and whatever else into Iraq...

coming back from grocery shopping tonight I saw a rainbow.
one of those massive full rainbows that touch two parts of the earth.

and for some reason, it *really* amazed me. in a way that it never had before.
the fact that color can curve like that in the sky... how it fades in and out... how you cannot feel something you can clearly see... and how that sight is what creates a feeling...
the actual, visual sight of something intangible can tear apart a dormant numbness inside... how "we" (meaning people) do need those little things that are simple, easy, and often expected due to circumstances, we need those things to "keep going"... reassurance can be a crutch, but it can also be a quite powerful, and quite beautiful thing...
I think in its variations is how reassurance keeps from getting stale and unnervingly predictible... to the point of unreliability and uselessness...

(huh... I hope that almost 1am stream of consciousness was not too rambling...)


Orlando... what a sweet popsicle stand. Or at least it is now that a gang of three sweatband-sportin' kings rocked Church St. last night. Dozens gathered as these fools sweated behind the aviators, jivin' today's mediocre hits with yesteryear's fresh moves. Hopefully, pictures will come soon.


um. happy fourth of july. the holiday in which i have spent the last three years at a music festival where fireworks are set off on friday night no matter what day the fourth happens to land on, and in the two years before that i made sure i wore my toronto canada shirt.
id rather celebrate memorial day or labor day instead of today. although fireworks occasionally amaze me (as i watch them on tv... what kind of lazy american am i in which i watch fireworks on tv? and speaking of fireworks... watching them in NYC with the statue of liberty fronted by a huge sign that changes from "jeep" to "macys" is quite disgusting)

i do have a proposal though... that in light of our diverse melting pot of america, we should somehow celebrate some other country/culture holiday that is equivalent to the 4th to the extent of the celebration and getting work offness gets... i know that this is a quite basic and possibly lame communication of my idea... but maybe you get it? to express a tad less amount of self-centeredness i guess as an american... or i should just not rely on my country to take this initiative and just do it myself... (wow... that was a yardsale of a paragraph if i ever saw one)

and this is a ponder that just emerged while talking with my roommate and watching our kitten *sparky*... i have never seen a cat hump anything... but you see dogs hump stuff on a fairly regular basis... dogs and guys... cats and girls don't do this though... just boys and dogs... or maybe my life has been sheltered... and if that is the case, i will gladly continue being sheltered in this area of life

now its your turn... pretty much any stereotype will do


Read Michael Moore's most recent letter to Bush:

Sorry, I still can't get that padded flyboy suit out of my head. I know, I need help. But when you landed on that carrier, and that banner read, "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED," just what mission was that that was accomplished? 'Cause by my count, more than 50 of our young soldiers have died since you said the mission was accomplished. Anarchy still reigns in Iraq, the Brits are losing kids too, and wacko fundamentalists now seem to ready to rule the land. Women are already being told to cover their faces and shut their mouths, store owners who sell liquor have been executed and movie theaters showing "immoral" Hollywood movies have been forced to shut down. And hey, this isn't even west Texas! Maybe you could get back into that jumpsuit, fly over to Baghdad and land at the former Saddam International Airport, jump out and give one of those big happy waves – under a sign that reads, "MISSION IMPOSSIBLE."


i never thought about flushing the toilet with my foot until a few years ago... but my friend and i decided to try it and now it seems quite normal... but i guess not that many other people find it that normal... i do not feel like a "germaphobe" though because of my public restroom habit...

and doesn't mother nature got a crazy sense of humor?

i am wondering... should i go see the violent femmes this thursday for 3$?

thats a serious question... i do not think i have ever paid attention to their music before...