ever fall in love with someone you shouldn't fall in love with?


After working at Starbucks, seeing something like caffeinated soap creeps me out (thanks for the link, -m-)

but i guess it at least saves time in the morning, and makes the morning shower that much more... useful?


All kinds of sweet music news today:

Indianapolis-based metal band Scumgrief will headline their annual metal festival, Scumgriefest, featuring an "anti-Metallica demonstration" for Metallica fans who are disappointed with the band's new album, "St. Anger". Festival attendees can trade in a copy of "St. Anger" for a CD featuring unreleased and demo material from each of the bands on the bill. The collected copies of the Metallica release will be publicly destroyed prior to Scumgrief's set.

MTV won't be airing the Foo Fighters' new video for their song "Low," featuring Jack Black, because it is apparently too risque. "The video is not being played by MTV because of two controversial scenes," reported yesterday, "one depicting the two dressed in drag spanking each other, and one in which Grohl and Black's legs are horizontal on the floor, intermingling with each other, implying a sex scene."

Rapper DMX has been arrested for swearing during a concert in St. Kitts and Nevis.

Oh yeah, and The Smartest Monkeys are touring Florida next week.


*From* Strom Thurmond murdered by shock of Supreme Court integrationist sodomy ruling: President decries judicial slaying of heroic Senator: "Now I know it's not proper for men folk to weep like a toddler girly baby who done dropped her pure, vanilla ice cream cone on a sizzling-hot patch of filthy black asphalt, but upon hearing the tragic news of Strom's cold-blooded killing, I fell to my knees and turned on the water works. I'm sure it was the same with you..."

why is it that when i know i have to get up at an "early" hour (before 6am) that there is no possibility for me to sleep through the night? its like this anxiousness shakes me every hour to make sure i have not passed "the" hour yet... at least i have dreams like my roommate's phone gaining an hour whenever she goes into a local rundown mexican restaurant which happens to share bathrooms with our apartment and lights that need to warm up for a few minutes before they work... (I realize that many people have had stranger dreams, this just happened to be part of mine last night)

i did also make the definite connection this morning between my kitten and an article i read in the last adbusters. there was a letter from a parent concerning tv turnoff week (which generally runs the third week in april). often the parents used the tv as a tool for the parents to rest from the kids and get other things done while the kids were "babysat"... but they discovered that when there was absolutely no tv, the kids were incredibly less unruly (i love that word), therefore, well-behaved and not needed to take breaks from...
the connection with my kitten is that she is a spaz whenever i have certain music playing or certain tv shows on that are a little more... "high-strung"... giving me another good example of how living things can be impacted easily by even just the tone of our entertainment...

*note* i am probably going to read this post later and realize i should not post stupid things just after i have woken (um... thats not a word, is it?) up


Smoking marijuana will certainly affect perception, but it does not cause permanent brain damage, researchers from the University of California at San Diego said Friday in a study. Dr. Igor Grant said the findings are particularly significant amid questions about marijuana's long-term toxicity now that several states are considering whether to make it available as a medicinal drug.

Disney, eager to capitalize on the research, released this photo late Friday... I give up. Do I really need a smart-ass anti-culture comment every time I post?

Radio Free Iraq! I am aware that this is probably the only positive post I've ever indulged about the Gulf War, but I'm working on that. An independent media explosion is so, so beautiful... Of course, in the capital, what is left of the Iraqi national station is being taken over by the Iraqi Media Network (IMN), a radio and TV station sponsored by the coalition (Propaganda TV, anyone?). "What do you expect? Of course they want their own channel and they need to get their message across. We won't really have a free media until the occupation is over," one Iraqi journalist said.

Apparently, the U.S. has stepped up research on robot soldiers... a few thoughts: I do view this as a positive way to reduce human casualties, but obviously this will prolong our dependence on warfare... and eventually it will lead to purely robotic armies. If robots are fighting all our wars, shouldn't the leaders of our countries just play chess to settle their disputes?


A Knoxville area church is being sued for $2 million by a young girl's parents for injuries she received at "a dangerous, cult-like event unlawfully and deceptively conceived, sponsored, promoted and supervised by Forest Hill Baptist Church." Apparently, the activity was designed to help kids understand persecution, and was an overall positive event, including men dressed as soldiers with gas masks on throwing handcuffed children with bleeding wrists in the back of a truck and telling them that if they denyed Christ, they wouldn't be shot.


Hans Blix says "I told you so," 20 questions answered on the current state of Iraq, and another nice blow to Big Fast Food: KFC drops Jason Alexander as spokesman after info from PETA led Alexander to pressure KFC for a more ethical treatment of animals. KFC claims they wanted to go in a new creative direction. Big props to Costanza. This is rather exciting news shortly after McDonald's announced they weren't using anti-biotics anymore... hopefully the public will soon realize that their fast food joints aren't the shiny wonderlands they deemed them to be... I think they all should run slaughterhouse footage while you're waiting in line to get your food...


In today's news, authorities send 15 cops, squad cars and motorbikes to arrest three men for feeding a tortoise; Rumsfeld lobbies locals to celebrate the invasion of Iraq this 4th of July; Criminal goes berserk in courtroom, judge vaults the bench and kicks his ass. Bush chews sugar-free gum and laughs at geese pooping.

I had seen an article concerning tongue-splitting a few weeks ago, but this one (thanks, Tia... assuming you would like to be thanked for this article) seems to have a bit more information than i had read before.

and for my opinion concerning this procedure... I find it somewhat icky... and yeah, I'm sure it isn't the safest body modification a person could do, but for crying out loud, having persons in the United States legislature attempting to ban the procedure... well... it seems that unless there is more to the situation than is being told, I think that there are more important things that the government could spend their time on, maybe?

This just in: Richard Gephardt is a stupid asshole. For more on this breaking story, check out his sweet quote in this article...


A proliferating form of alternative expression in the Islamic Republic, blogs are a fascinating insight into a closed society, airing issues that may be taboo in public and revealing the underground lives of many young Iranians. Check out Hossein Derakhshan's English weblog on Iran, technology and pop culture... an Iraqi shepherd sues Donald Rumsfeld and Tommy Franks for $200 million for the death of 17 family members and over 200 sheep... and Hong Kong declared SARS-free... now I want everyone to settle down this evening and watch the sunset, Hukka-style...


I knew it I knew it I knew it... The sentimentalism wore off and now it's time to capitalize: Showtime is making a movie based on the events of 9/11. It apparently follows Bush through his "dramatic" journey back to Washington, blah blah blah... obviously the rage that welled up inside of me when I read this was considerable, but now I feel that it's not even worth blogging about since the reaction to this atrocity should be common sense, and any fool can see that the only thing Americans love more than reacting violently to something is to make money off of it (I guess they go hand in hand).

I think it is quite stupid that I have been freaked out by "natural" medicine and "natural" food remedies because they are just as valid, if not more valid, than prescriptions that you can buy to fix whatever you feel needs fixing (which I'll rant about below this)... and my reasoning for this is that prescriptions are owned by drug companies who ultimately are out to make money... but when it comes to herbs and spices and general foods, no one has figured out a way to "own" them, therefore they cannot be the soul moneymaker (shake it) of such items. And to get someone like the Food and Drug Administration to approve of everyday foods would take money to do specific research and such, and how many people out there are going to fork out the finances to back such things that they cannot be the only moneymaker off of?

Now about "what needs fixing". I feel like I am just ranting something that everyone else is aware of...

um.... Steven just barked at the kitten...

Anyway, another reason why "natural" fixers do not seem valid at times is because people in general do not have (1) the patience (2) the desire to think.
(1) Patience. I want to drive thru EVERYWHERE. I want to microwave EVERYTHING in less than 3 minutes. And I am sick of rewinding my VHS tapes. (2) The desire to think. The tag says its a good buy. The commercial is always on tv. Those actors who are being paid to advertize this seem to be happy with this product, so what the heck.

If I am not changed in the way I want as soon as I want, then obviously the method you suggest is not valid.

I am finished ranting today.

Uh-oh, change of plans... Jesus W. Bush (right) told me that WMD's were looted before the war... but everything up til now was just a joke... unless we find some, then it was all true...

Also, don't forget to register to vote in the PAC Primary... In most presidential primary processes, pundits, pollsters and wealthy donors determine the outcome long before the actual primaries. By the time the rest of us cast our ballots, the nomination is typically a done deal. The PAC Primary will allow hundreds of thousands of voters to speak out now, adding their weight to the campaigns of their choice. Voting in the PAC primary starts Tuesday, June 24.

From the Charlotte Observer: A third of the American public believes U.S. forces found weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, according to a recent poll, and 22 percent said Iraq actually used chemical or biological weapons. But no such weapons have been found, nor is there evidence they were used recently in Iraq. Before the war, half of those polled in a survey said Iraqis were among the 19 hijackers on Sept. 11, 2001. But most of them were from Saudi Arabia. None were Iraqis.

Man, he really does look like Jesus. I think.



"God says do what you wish, but make the wrong choice and you will be tortured for eternity in hell. That sir, is not free will. It would be akin to a man telling his girlfriend, do what you wish, but if you choose to leave me, I will track you down and blow your brains out. When a man says this we call him a psychopath and cry out for his imprisonment. When God says the same we call him "loving" and build churches in his honor." - William C. Easttom II

Also, thanks to Danielle for this great article...

Ronald McDonald = The Marlboro Man

i realize that it might be old news.
this was of interest to me as well though...


from a Wendell Berry article early this year...

Since the end of World War II, when the terrors of industrial warfare had been fully revealed, many people and, by fits and starts, many governments have recognized that peace is not just a desirable condition, as was thought before, but a practical necessity. But we have not yet learned to think of peace apart from war. We wait, still, until we face terrifying dangers and the necessity to choose among bad alternatives, and then we think again of peace, and again we fight a war to secure it.

At the end of the war, if we have won it, we declare peace; we congratulate ourselves on our victory; we marvel at the newly-proved efficiency of our latest weapons; we ignore the cost in lives, materials, and property, in suffering and disease, in damage to the natural world; we ignore the inevitable residue of resentment and hatred; and we go on as before, having, as we think, successfully defended our way of life.

That is pretty much the story of our victory in the Gulf War of 1991. In the years between that victory and September 11, 2001, we did not alter our thinking about peace and war -- that is, we thought much about war and little about peace; we continued to punish the defeated people of Iraq and their children; we made no effort to reduce our dependence on the oil we import from other, potentially belligerent countries; we made no improvement in our charity toward the rest of the world; we made no motion toward greater economic self-reliance; and we continued our extensive and often irreversible damages to our own land. We appear to have assumed merely that our victory confirmed our manifest destiny to be the richest, most powerful, most wasteful nation in the world. After the catastrophe of September 11, it again became clear to us how good it would be to be at peace, to have no enemies, to have no more needless deaths to mourn. And then, our need for war following with the customary swift and deadly logic our need for peace, we took up the customary obsession with the evil of other people.

It is useless to try to adjudicate a long-standing animosity by asking who started it or who is the most wrong. The only sufficient answer is to give up the animosity and try forgiveness, to try to love our enemies and to talk to them and (if we pray) to pray for them. If we can't do any of that, then we must begin again by trying to imagine our enemies' children who, like our children, are in mortal danger because of enmity that they did not cause.

We can no longer afford to confuse peaceability with passivity. Authentic peace is no more passive than war. Like war, it calls for discipline and intelligence and strength of character, though it calls also for higher principles and aims. If we are serious about peace, then we must work for it as ardently, seriously, continuously, carefully, and bravely as we now prepare for war.


How far will a mega-brand go to protect its copyright? Welcome to Masset, a village of 700 on the Haida Gwaii islands off Canada's North Pacific coast. There, four young men from the Haida native band - "bucks," in local slang - opened a cafe called HaidaBucks. Then came the letter from Starbucks lawyers claiming that the indy cafe's name "results in a clear association with our clients' trademark." It's going to court, and the HaidaBucks are promising to fight rather than let an overeager corporation "enjoy another hundred-dollar cigar and a glass of fine cognac as they plot their next massacre." Follow the action at

i have something good to say... but i have yet to word it so that it actually sounds good...

It's easier to turn on the television and watch some lame, brain-dead, pseudo-comedic sitcom than it is to think about the world around you - and to think about the part you'll play in it. It's easier to hit the drive-thru on your way home from work than it is to think about what it is you're supporting every time you pull out your wallet. It's easier to go to the mall and buy some new clothes to give you some artificial, materialistic joy than it is to think about what you're doing to make a difference every day. Why? Because it's easier to buy things to make you feel better than it is for you to do things to make you feel better. I think it all stems from this. I think drugs and drinking stem from this. Society's obsession with fast cars, huge homes, fatty food, trendy fashion - all of it - stems from this.


(i started to comment but ran out of characters... how silly is that?)

do you think that the persistence of looking for what seems to be irrelevant correlations in this amazing idea for a movie/etc. could in any way be similar to what you guys were talking about concerning reality tv?
what i am meaning is... well... lets say that someone has *something* inside of them that prompts them to notice need for some sort of change (examples: the matrix/free your mind; the bachelor/get a mate)... and then they see something that seems to show how that change could begin, or how if that change was made real, then they see how a possible result might be... but unfortunately they just sit with the "fake" change... or misdirect their energy (numerology; watch tv and talk about who's hot and who's not)... they avoid carrying out the actual full-fledged change... the change that would make all the difference... rather than just a bit of worthless difference...

I can't help but feel that, in a frightening way, the Matrix is having the opposite from the desired effect. Rather than people opening their eyes to what is happening all around us in "the real", they persist in investigating the numerological or theological significance of a piece of well crafted fiction. People want to think they have escaped the Matrix because they understand all the nuances of the movie, and yet they are truly as oblivious as those people still in the pods to the things going on around them as we speak ... war, WMDs, Total Information Awareness, Patriot II, etc.


A brief philosophy on the sanctity of human life:

The acceptance of war in the mind of a human with theistic faith is blasphemy.

1. War is a political tool.
2. Politics is an idea, not a tangible object; you cannot hold politics in your hands.
3. If politics is an idea, it must have been created by the mind of man.
4. War kills men.
5. Thus, for politics to kill men is to elevate the idea above the source of the idea.
6. In theistic faiths, it is generally accepted that to kill God, the source of our existence, would be a blasphemous act.
7. Thus, to kill a man for the sake of politics is equal to killing God for the sake of man, and should be considered blasphemy.


...check out my new short story at Toxic Metropolis if you like...


What Would Jesus Drive? (not for SUV owners)


an excellent interview with Al Franken


OK, I'm back from the road for a little while... on the way back from B'ham saw a billboard with a dead baby on it that read, "God Bless America? Abortion is a sin, it must end." Hmm, guess that changes my mind; I love when people confuse moral law with civil law... I think i need another blog to write short stories on... props to Flannery O'Connor...


...sick of gloomy posts about death and destruction...everyone take a deep breath and remember we're human...haven't meditated in a while, but nonetheless am in a sublime mood...The Tao of Bob Dylan..."the silver saxophones said I should refuse you"...props to the kids with catering services...oh, to be a suffering servant under the reign of a gloomy tyrant; only then could humility be recognized and exercised?...everyone's gotta bow down sometime...The Tao of Weird Al...Matt Leber and Sean Sipa are princes among men...

#. Problem (Solution)
1. Cannibalism (recognition of sanctity of human life)
2. Slavery (recognition of equality among humans)
3. Women as 2nd class citizens (recognition of equality among sexes)
4. Segregation (recognition of equality among races)
5. War (recognition of all of the above + equality among nations)

Number five is the next logical step.


What a fantastic night! This was more of a party than we expected; Abu-Ali got an execution stay Thursday (go here if you have no clue what I talking about). Nancy Griffith and Beth Nielsen Chapman performed, along with special guest STEVE EARLE! I'm starting to reconnect with my roots after hearing that acoustic guitar/harmonica/poetry combo; This man is a focused, passionate individual who isn't afraid to wear his opinions on his sleeve... highlight of the night was either his closing number, Jerusalem, or seeing Abu-Ali's artwork. It was a short-lived celebration; for this man death is still so close - please do what you can to help him!


Fantastic Q&A with Saul Williams at Alternet... check out the new TSM website also...


“Afghan Massacre: The Convoy of Death” broadcast for the first time ever in the US: eyewitnesses testify that US troops were complicit in the massacre of up to 3,000 Taliban prisoners during the Afghan war... and while we're on the topic [Jessica], plug in to the Republican Matrix...

today i saw the matrix reloaded for the second time today.
and i now know that unless i am properly prepared (as in having slept that day until at least 4pm) i CANNOT go to midnight showings of movies. i realized today that when i saw this movie opening night, the last 30 or so minutes were merely various pictures thrown at me, and i would respond in my head "ooh, that was interesting/intense/strange" but none of them connected with anything... and forget any help that dialogue could have offered... they could have had grown-ups from charlie brown cartoons chatting away and it wouldnt have phased me. and i think i was perplexed that colonel sanders was chatting with neo about who the crap knows what... now it seems i cannot wait until the third movie comes out because in some possibly sick twisted sort of way i am hoping that it will answer questions that the second one has paralleled to questions in my own life...

makes me also wonder how many cults exist that include the matrix in them...


"I will turn my six daughters into bombs to kill the Americans."


Today's headline (and what a perfect headline for a Sunday, I might add): Man suffers exhaustion from speculating about Bob Dylan's religious views...