ever fall in love with someone you shouldn't fall in love with?


steven, beware...


1. A brief history of BushCo WMD propaganda - I guess they're like ghosts in a neo-conservative La-La Land...

2. A perfect example of how foreign culture confuses the hell out of Americans - It involves U.S. soldiers killing Iraqi teens at a wedding...

3. Guantanamo Bay death camp signals the death of the judicial branch - No lawyer? No problem! America don't believe in them attorneys...

Peace in the Middle East? Not really, but it's a start. Oh yeah, and everyone should check out this interview with Noam Chomsky, my personal favorite foreign policy critic...

If you couldn't tell, my last post was written while wading in the angry sea... I apologize if it seemed harsh, but some days death is just unbearable. I strive to be positive and realize what is in and out of my reach, which often brings feelings of destitute, helplessness. I suppose passion is always preferable to numbness, whether positive or negative. Every tinge of anger that I feel only stems from the frustration of humanity moving further from our ultimate goal, which I believe is embodied in the Jewish concept of Shalom.

In our small, everyday spheres of influence, let us strive for a peace that passes all understanding, "on earth as it is in Heaven." Peace.


her name is sparky now.
at least for the rest of today.


Boo Ya! Isn't it funny how everything we predicted has come true? The warhawks promised clean wars for free countries and immaculate democracies. But, no matter what their intentions or motives may have been, Bush and Co. have destroyed order in the Middle East and invited everyone, Muslim or not, to wage holy war upon this country.

What a shock that peace might have been the best alternative to killing thousands of innocent lives so that thousands more could be killed. Shame on all of you that waved your flags for the system that cares about only one culture. Shame on you who released a sigh at the toppling of a statue that represented the new reign of chaos and greed.

I suggest that all of you who support this brand of genocide sit on your porch and start firing your shotguns at people who might have illegal weapons and might be trying to kill you with one, then act confused when you find that it didn't make your neighborhood more peaceful.

"This is what happens when you f*** a stranger in the a**!" - Walter (The Big Lebowski)


i have a cat
actually, a 6 week old kitten in my (and my roommates') possession
it is amazing how wonderful of a companion a one pound critter that only squeaks for verbal communication can be so enjoyable (as well as a welcome distraction).
i *think* her name shall be mirabelle

The good news for the Pentagon yesterday was that its investigators had finally unearthed evidence of weapons of mass destruction, including 100 vials of anthrax and other dangerous bacteria. The bad news was that the stash was found, not in Iraq, but fewer than 50 miles from Washington, near Fort Detrick in the Maryland countryside. After months of front page WMD headlines that were never found, this story only made the local paper. Maryland citizens are now on a 24-hour "Saddam-watch." Viva Los Anthrax!

Good news for fans of "Freedom Fries" - We are now sending the French right back across the pond on arrival (after a few cavity searches, of course). Viva Los Discriminacion!


Hallelujah, we've got comments and links... now you can respond to these crazy nuns (whom I love dearly)... come hang out @ The Muse on 4th Ave tonite, TSM will be shooting a DVD @ 8:00... Peace.

recognize and heal old wounds


i have been gone recently.
and freaked out when i glanced at the name "Jessica" mentioned in a post as being a part of a phony war hero.
talk about paranoia.

in other news, i was gone because i attended/played in a wedding where i finally actually was able to see the proper acknowledgement of the guests and the bridal party at the wedding. the minister had all the married men, and then next all the married women, stand up during a section of the service and he mentioned that all of those people have experienced all of the joys and all of the hardships that have been found in marriage... so for the bride and groom it was a marvelous experience to see such important people in their lives all in one shot like that... people that can and will be there for them... instead of just being guests who showed up, ate some food and offered a present that very likely will be returned once the happy couple returns from their honeymoon...


1. As I much as I hate pop music, I guess I should keep my mouth shut out of respect for its fans. People who like simple, watered-down, or even bad music still deserve to enjoy art as much as us snooty critics.

2. The Mars Volta is opening up for RHCP next month.

3. Distance has no way of making love understandable.

4. The war is over, Lebowski. The bums lost.

5. The kids went wild / The kids went nuts / Rolling Stone gave us a five star review / Said we played with guts / We were scoring chicks and takin' drugs / Then we got asked to play MTV Unplugged / You shoulda seen it / We went right out there and refused to do acoustic versions of the electric songs we refused to record in the first place / Then we smashed our sh*t


HA! I won the bet! It's looking like Iran will be the next lucky recipient of a regime change. Why? Ya know, al Qaeda, WMD's, Islam, whatever; I just want revenge for 9/11, all them A-rabs is the same and they're all to blame, praise Jesus. Thou shalt kill, thou shalt maim, and all in thy country's name.


Anyone see "Wag the Dog"? I saw the sequel on Fox News two months ago, starring Jessica Lynch, America's greatest phony war hero. Speaking of dogs: Maybe when they're both retired, Jessica could inherit ownership of Rufus, the DHS's newest anti-terrorism tool. (he's a dog)

And in Brandon Arora just joined the fray, so be forewarned, him and I tend to be a tad "Hannity & Colmes" sometimes. Also I noticed that the ads running at the top of the screen are triggered by what we write on the blog, so forgive me this little test: anarchy urine communism goats banana seats nuclear slavery cookbook smartest monkeys reason pooper scooper Congo terrorist shoe bomb Peter. Peace.


In light of America's newly demonstrated "Shock and Awe" tactics, Indonesia and the Philippines have abruptly given up on peace agreements with Muslim rebels and decided to unleash 50,000 soldiers on the 5,000 insurgents. Since the Philippines are a card-carrying member of the "Coalition of the Coerced and the Bribed," President Bush pledged his help in a meeting this weekend with Filipino President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, shortly after she decided that peace was just a pipe dream. Filipino officials are trying to convince Bush to label the rebels a "terrorist group," because everybody hates Islam, right?

Also, an article on Bush's hilarious nature friendly optical illusion (hint: it has to do with futuristic cars, foreign oil, and planetary destruction! Yippee!!!), and my letter to MCI regarding Danny Glover's criticism of the Iraq war (the right-wing censorship brigade is pressuring MCI to drop him as a spokesman because of it):

"Please don't give into to the pressure - support Danny Glover's freedom of speech and hang on to him as a spokesman and as an American... these times are too turbulent for us to focus our anger at issues such as this."

Their reply: "I have received your email regarding Danny Glover. We appreciate your feedback regarding MCI's relationship with Mr. Glover. We have forwarded your idea and provided your contact information to the appropriate group within MCI. MCI appreciates your valuable input. Without constructive feedback from our customers and website users, we would not be able to improve our products and services."

I know, it's a bit robotic, but at least they heard it. Everyone should do it, because e-mail is fun!


In today's news, the Pentagon lost $1 trillion, Baghdad lost 5000-10,000 civilians, and I'm losing my mind. (or, perhaps, quite the contrary)

In my humble opinion, the red pill is this: The Bible is not a credible document. Somewhere along the course of history, we have chosen to accept the disputable words of man as absolute truth instead of Creation, the true Word of God. The concepts that we overlook everyday in nature and science can teach us everything we need to know about theology. Would a just God not give the same hope to men from civilized and uncivilized cities alike? Surely Adam (if there was an Adam) did not have a King James Bible at his disposal. Have we made a book of traditional Jewish mythology, much akin to Aesop's Fables, our reason to live? If you are reading this right now, and your kneejerk reaction is to shout "Blasphemy!", are you not neglecting the God-given gift of reason, one of the few things that separates us from animals, because of the Bible's doctrine of fear for "doubting Thomases"? I am under the impression that we are all to use our gifts to the fullest extent, including the gift (though some call it a curse) of a constantly analytical mind. I also believe that God is a personal God, and will only judge us according to our resources and how we choose to use them, and I doubt He would want any document with His name attached to it used as a tool of discrimination.

Let me conclude this by saying that this is only my opinion, and I will force it on no one, nor will I condemn anyone for believing otherwise, because I would enjoy the same courtesy from others. In other words, if the Bible must be used, "One man eats meat, and another abstains, but neither should judge the other, and each should be fully convinced in his own mind."


For some strange reason, the Bush administration has decided that New America (Iraq is so last week) is not ready for their own government yet. First we sit and watch looters rob national tresures, then claim we need more time to control them. Oh well, Big Brother knows best.

June Carter Cash (Johnny Cash's wife and member of the legendary Carter Family singers) died Thursday from complications after heart surgery. Funeral and visitation information can be found here.


ok. so people are sitting there being all concerned and passing bills when it comes to this
i think there are bigger problems in this world than whether or not it should be legal for a person to split their tongue...

I have not so much a comment or a question for you, but rather a request: Please tell me it will all be OK.

Joe Cararie

Dear Joe, Welcome to Earth, young man. It’s hot in the summer and cold in the winter. It’s round and wet and crowded. At the outside, Joe, you’ve got about a hundred years here. There’s only one rule that I know of: G*dd*mn it, Joe, you’ve got to be kind!


Ladies and Gentlemen, Kurt Vonnegut. For more, visit Also, pray for starving Iraqi children, who have been increasing in number since our attacks, and for Jan Simonsen, the right-wing independent Norwegian parliamentarian who nominated Bush and Blair for the Nobel Peace Prize for helping to starve these children.


and for all of you music persons... one man to check out is michael knott
i got to see him for about the 5th or 6th time last night, and again i was pleased. i suppose i should have said something earlier about the show that was last night in nashville, but obviously i didnt. he is quite down-to-earth, he normally just has himself and a guitar, and lyrics that are easy to understand, but they do not bore you by any means.
he could also be known as the black sheep of the christian music industry... im sure that my words could not do this man justice, therefore you should check him out on your own...

As if our last "freedom operation" didn't completely fill our gas tanks, now we're after Mexico's oil... The Bush administration is also planning to build newer, smaller nuclear bombs for "liberation" of terrorist states and other obviously evil non-democracies.

In entertainment news, Danny Glover is next on the hitlist of the rightwing censorship brigade. They are pressuring MCI, the telecommunications company, to drop the actor and activist as a spokeperson because of his outspoken criticism of the Iraq war. The TransAfrica Forum -- Glover is the chairman of its board -- is organizing a campaign asking people to contact MCI and express support for the actor. You can find out how to reach MCI at the organization's website.

In other entertainment news, I like


...a great NY Times article on the emerging American Empire...


Good news: The United States' 75th Exploitation Task Force will return home safely from Iraq early in June.

Bad news: Their job was to find weapons of mass destruction (the main reason we went to war in the first place), and their search was fruitless. Anonymous Bush officials now admit that this war was less about defending freedom and more about putting on a deadly fireworks display in a strategic region to scare weaker countries into submission... Read more here...

In other news, Ted Nugent and his wife, Shemane, will be at Borders bookstore in Franklin later this month signing their new book Kill It and Grill It. Camouflage thongs and live farm animals are not only welcome, but encouraged.


wow, I just finished a 2.5 hour walk in this ridiculous weather, just like Gandhi going to the sea to make salt in defiance of the British empire (except I walked 2% the distance and for no reason); here's a great article for all you conlibervativeal demorepublicraticans... and don't forget to give all your mothers some suga' on they cheek from Stevie...

i just came from one of the cuter things i have been to lately... the lovely frankin farmers market i hadnt been to one before. and it was lovely.
the bluegrass sorta music playing was not expected, but neither was the cute old man sitting on the opposite side of the building with one harmonica in hand (and mouth) while the rest of his harmonicas (i noticed at least 6-7 others) are in a vest he is wearing.
some of the people selling stuff had pictures of their farm, their animals, pets, etc.

and then i get to the library and find 4 little donkeys outside with little kids getting rides. and one was getting a bath
i love seeing little donkeys getting baths. but the question would be... who wouldnt???


...great article on the widening gap between rich and poor in black America at There is a death penalty discussion Saturday 5/10 at 3:00pm for Abu-Ali at Cafe Coco in Nashville - please join us and continue to pray for his future... Peace...


ok. so.
whats the big wonderful deal with them?
how about marshmallows in general?
am i the only person who gets a huge nasty sugarhit headache from them?
or do i focus merely on the pain and not the pleasure?
maybe i was trained to focus one direction and the other has not proven worthy to my mindset yet?

Welcome David.

For those of you in Nashville: Please do everything you can to save Abu-Ali Abdur Rahman from his death sentence scheduled for June 17. If you have a giant ? over your head right now, visit for details on his situation.

For everyone: Check out Harper's Weekly Review (sort of a State of the World summary), this San Francisco Chronicle article on the GOP's Great Mother's Day prank, and an article on the resurgence of the Taliban in Afghanistan (you know, that country that we "liberated" from the Taliban).

The powerful play goes on, and you may contribute but a verse. Peace.


hey steve and jessica. it's david. just dropping to say yoyoyoyoyo and say a word of appreciation for all the bizness thus far. hurray for the peace and justice center. jdd

to be an island. a complacent and informed island.

Does anybody remember the 60's anymore? We've all read about the events in our history books and for the most part acknowledge their societal necessity, but many of us forget the power of the youth that was so active in bringing about change.

Young people have become overwhelmingly complacent, to the point where we not only don't attempt to rectify our generation's problems, we don't even know what the problems are. College students used to arrange protests, teach-ins, marches; They registered blacks to vote in Mississippi; They refused to "swim out past the breakers, watch the world die."

Could this malfunction of laziness been rooted in our addiction to technology? Reality shows encourage us to sit at home and learn about life through another man's problems, to trade true reality for a manufactured spectacle. The language in movies and on television teaches us to embrace shallow conversation and reduces our relationships to a "Hey, how ya doin" lifestyle, rather than elongated friendships in which both parties learn about life through each other's hardships and triumphs. Video games encourage us to constantly appease ourselves, and distract us from our neighbor's suffering.

Why are we so afraid to make a difference? Is it the social awkwardness that expressing opinions can cause? Has popular culture made it cool to not care? Has America's promise to infinite financial prosperity made us so greedy that the love of money consumes our lives and distracts us from the fact that all men are created equal?

To the youth of America: Destroy the shackles that bind you, whatever they may be, so that we can create a world that is enjoyable for all.