ever fall in love with someone you shouldn't fall in love with?


you can say "light blue" or "light green" but doesn't it feel weird when you say "light red?"

i move that we create new words for colors that you normally would just use "light" to describe them. for something to do.


yeah you would get jealous, wouldn't you? :) sigur ros. i am experiencing my first listen of this band right now. yes. i am probably a bit late but i kind of enjoy that w/ bands that are, infact, great, and that many many many people love, but they hype, it really can turn me off to things that i probably would normally like. i think i just hate the idea of being told what to like, directly or indirectly, often from very well-meaning persons. congrats to my dad for instilling that in me i do believe. wow. i love this way too much already. never again shall i wash this sweater w/ powdered detergent. eesh. nasty granuals all over it. that'll teach me for trying to be all environmentally thoughtful and get the powdered stuff that comes in a cardboard container. at least for when i wash my sweater.


i got jealous when i saw comments on her posts but they're just spam... anywho, just floating about the radio station while others create meaning, a bit melancholy also... we're makin' a movie about domestic relationships for us kids in our 20's, really exposing nerves and souls bared, teeth clenched... settling in, trying to keep uncomfortable, still taste alcohol, not breeding revolutionaries (who needs 'em?)... the first year of my life i've wished death upon others, pretty much emotional laziness there... oopsie, that's confessional...


all my other friends have blogs... i think i need to start doing a daily or every other day blog update on the goings on in my world, too. and to put up pictures of my cats daily as well. and i am not being sarcastic with this. this i want to do, and this i shall do. i will start off by saying that i am finally going to send off the items steven and i have planned to send off to mark as a thanks for hooking us up with the emac. i need to make a final trek to see if i can find the last item. it's a fun one, so i shall go take a walk and check out the only store i know i could find this in. because they are so darn fun.


something lately is making me notice more melancholy or pondering or something... whatever it is, it's very chill, very low key, kind of deep i guess... maybe it's the music i am listening to (ohia) or the dream i had last night of my cat getting hurt in a pond by some fish, me thinking it died, but then seeing it sitting next to the pond as proudly as he could yet hurting w/ bloody matted fur on his right shoulder, or me thinking about things others struggle w/, things that i have never had to deal w/, or that i am trying to control myself being a manipulative control freak, or the change of season into fall, or any other number of possibilities that i do not care to mention. it's just been a weird sort of time lately.


When you're left with nothing but the hood of a space van to look at, it stares right back at you. Why? Because Wally World is the new Exploding Plastic Inevitable, that is why. Countless manifestations of the same goo, like the universe if you trade plastic for God. You see, no one knows the chap quite like I do, never could. I push her buttons, rip his tickets, lick her sweet currency all day, praise be. No one ever made a convincing argument for any un-God, just worship of linguistics. But plastic is of true importance. Every fucking time the electrical current shoots from the fire to the wire to the green light, it continues its journey through your skull to the firing synapses in your brain to the gut to the foot to the electrical system of your 2004 Dodger Deathbed. And you wonder why she loves you so much. She tickles your true electricity, and, as by now you should know, nothing is separate from her.


Currently working on my first film, "The King." I feel like there's a viable market for twenty minute silent short films in black and white, so... anyway, I work at a gas station now, which is glorious, as is the movie Onibaba. Matt's back from Japan, which feels normal, nothing special. Life is only meaningless if you decide it needs a meaning. I've been enjoying The Cure far too much recently, many many albums... also Blackalicious and various radio rappers. Oh yeah, and the Destiny's Child concert was off tha hook. Yeah, that's right. I also had a cosmic experience with a Mexican man at the gas station... I saw his family and his country and ancestors and their gods and all of history in his eyes. I also saw the rain fall all the way from its origin in my mind, but I could only hold it for less than a minute. Such is enlightenment, I've heard. Gate, gate, paragate, parasamgate, bodhi, svaha!


i am too still alive... but hungry as fuck, so i'll talk more later.


long time no see. much ado since we last spoke; listen up.

jessica and i now have a radio show called naive music. midnight to 2 a.m. the 2nd and 4th friday of each month, first night is this friday (technically saturday morning). airs on wrfn 98.9 or listen online at

i am also on the same station every week as a part of the truth and reconciliation project radio show, tuesdays from 9-11 a.m.

i am currently working with tennessee state university on a home refrigeration study in low income neighborhoods.

blogger is a bastard just like myspace. now i have to come to the library to mouth off.

today is the first day of t.v. turnoff week. this will be the toughest year yet for me, since i'm a little film whore recently.

once i finally finish it, "appletrees and bumblebees" could be the last falsetto clergy record for a while; i'm getting interested in other ideas. if the other ideas end up sucking, i'll probably do another falsetto clergy record real soon.

that's all for now; i love you all somewhat.


sadly enough, i've been sucked into the myspace thing, for no other reason than that's where i can actually reach my friends, so that's where i've been blogging. here.